Sounds & Smells of Saturdays~

Yum, the smells and sounds of a Saturday morning! As I type, John has coffee brewing, eggs boiling, and I'll be getting my oatmeal together soon. Settling in with the paper, good coffee that he fixes just right, and I'm set ~

And to top that off, we slept in this morning and it felt wickedly good. Gone are the days when children got me up at 6:30 (I could set a clock by Jenny), gone are the days of cooking breakfast or making sure there was breakfast food even in the house! Now if there isn't, we cross the road to IHOP, Waffle House, or Cracker Barrel. What an awesome thought ~

But for today, this is what is delighting my senses at the moment. Soon, I'll be driving into Montgomery to have lunch with a dear girlfriend and her mother. You can come back later today for snapshots and an update. Until then, here's hoping your day has begun with some pretty good smells and sounds of your own ~

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