Yuck, Double Yuck & a Eeeek!

Yuck! Double Yuck!! Is this not a serious nightmare?!
A 97 pound rattler! Supposedly in Alabama.
Alabama!! Right here in my home state!
Now, I have my doubts this is true, in fact,
apparently everyone is laying claim to this nasty thing.
But! I thought they only grew things this big in Texas!
But we do have sweet, fluffy, and nicer things here ~
like this precious, fluffy goldendoodle! and we have little titmouses here!
or should that be titmices?
and it just wouldn't be right to include The Hood's favorite,
the largemouth bass, the state's fish!
Ah, you thought I was going to say Alabama football, didn't you.
Alabama football is his blood!
And he's counting down the days!
If you live in Texas and you have a picture of a larger snake,
let me know. I'll visit your page and give thanks it was there.
With you!


Anonymous said...

hate snakes
h g

Laurey said...

The first picture REALLY gave me the heebie jeebies- HOW SCARY!!! Glad he was caught...and not by me - HAHA!!!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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