The Little White House

Two things caught my attention in the museum.
I giggled out loud thinking of the men I know wearing this!
I am so glad times have changed! And it looked like wool! I was disappointed that there were no stairs
in order for you to see inside the car! All I could see
were the top of the seats! Roosevelt drove with
hand controls and the exhibit for that was interesting! I love this house. I would love to live in this house.
But we had to enter through the kitchen!!
and look how sparse and tiny it is!
Do you know Eleanor didn't like coming here?
And rarely did. The children came only a time or two.
Apparently, she didn't like the poverty of the area
and the children didn't like the 'sick' ones nearby.

I loved seeing the living room he spent so much time in,
and the leather chair he used often ~ and was in
when he collapsed. He died later that afternoon. John loved the handmade ship in the dining room! The bedrooms reminded me of a home one
of my great-aunts had in Highlands, NC!
Pine paneling has a certain odor you never forget.
There was a tiny bath between the bedrooms.
There were sentry posts scattered around the grounds.
But this sentry got in my car and we headed home. "What began as a beautiful spring day in Warm Springs, Georgia ended with crying and a new president. FDR read his morning paper as a day of light paperwork and an afternoon barbeque had been planned for him. He was also having his portrait painted. Throughout the day, FDR enjoyed the company of his cousins, friends, advisors, and most of all, his dog, Fala. Quietly, he edited his Jefferson Day Address that was to be delivered over radio on April 13, 1945. His notations can be seen throughout the document.

Shortly after lunch, as the artist painted, FDR complained of a severe headache and collapsed. As he was carried into his bedroom, Mme. Shoumatoff put away her painting and along with Lucy Mercer, left Warm Springs. At 3:35 pm Central War Time, President Franklin D. Roosevelt passed away and Vice President Harry S. Truman was sworn in as our new Commander-in-Chief. The photo below always grabs my heartstrings each time I see or think of it. What loss. What grief. Captured forever.
As the funeral train left Warm Springs for Washington, countless numbers of people lined the tracks to bid farewell to their friend and president. Roosevelt's casket remained at the White House for one day. On April 15, 1945 was laid to rest at his estate in Hyde Park, NY.

The 'unfinished portrait' was presented to the White House in 1952."
* * * * * * * *
On a side note? I keep hearing Obama compare his presidency to FDR's and I have to tell you, I don't see it at all. I understand FDR served during the time of the Great Depression and World War II and I know times are tough now, but let me tell you, after learning what I learned today coupled with what I heard from my grandparents, Obama can only WISH he were half the man and had half the talent and drive that FDR possessed. Of course, that's just my opinion. But then, this is MY blog {wink, smile!}

Update: It is now May, 2012 and Obama has compared himself to A. Lincoln, H. Truman, R. Reagan, and I'm sure by the time you read this,he'll have found another one yet to compare with. Personally, I pray this is his only term. Ferverntly, I pray.


julie said...

Hi Nancy! I wanted to come tell you thanks for stopping by! I was reading and enjoying your blog! You have a beautiful family! Do you have a Noah?! I have a Noah who is 7! We follow the same blogs so we have the same interests! I look forward to visiting eachothers blogs! Thanks! Julie

Jenny said...

not someplace you would imagine a president living at.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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