Breakfast at Magnolia Hall ~

Need I tell you how my mouth began to water?!
We came downstairs and the smells hit us as we approached
the stairwell. Oh, it smelled divine ~ I became spoiled
to the breakfasts of B&B's when Deborah and I
spent time at one. Click here to read about that trip! Before we were seated, there was juice and coffee waiting.
The other couple staying there elected to have breakfast
in their room ~ yeah, we were disappointed, but enjoyed
sitting in a beautiful dining room and eating with china,
silver, and crystal on the table! And lit candles!! The eggs were so light and fluffy! And the apple dish
was right down my alley! It tasted like the smoothest
bread pudding, only better! All slathered with hot apples
and sauce! Well, you can see I didn't leave much.
After checking out and saying our goodbye's
we headed to Warm Springs and Roosevelt's
Little White House. The museum is very informational
and this is the walk of state flags. Each flag has a slab
of the state's natural material (ie, granite, marble, sandstone)
that was cut in the shape of the state. The temp here was
never above 89 degrees, although by the time we got to
Montgomery, it was 98! And extremely humid!
Tomorrow, I'll show you a bit of the home!


Jennifer said...

I love that last pic of you - you look so young and trim.

Anonymous said...

I love all these pictures. The food one made me hungry LOL.
Love you

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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