Trip to Hamilton, Georgia ~

We headed out around noon yesterday~
and I started the trip in the driver's seat!
(I just love driving this cute little car!)
but somewhere between here and there,
I gave it up ~ too much to see out the windows.
This was the charming view that greeted us!
It was a bit warm to spend much time outside, however
we did notice that it was never as hot as it is in Prattville!
May have been all that lush greenery & the higher altitude.
Checking in, we realized just what a beautiful home this is!
Magnolia Hall Bed & Breakfast is in Hamilton, Georgia
and near Callaway Gardens, FDR's Little White House,
Warm Springs, and Pine Mountain. Lots to do! But,
you will have to drive ~ it's not like Gatlinburg
where you park and can walk around town at all hours.
After settling in, we realized we were hungry,
and not finding anything in the town of Hamilton
we drove a few miles out to Callaway Country Store.
There was a nice restraunt with a gorgeous view!
I tried getting a snapshot of the view, but the light
was too bright ~ so just take my word for it!
We spent a bit of time on the back porch upon returning
and watched the many hummingbirds whirring around!

Tomorrow, I'll take you a quick tour of our trip
to FDR's Little White House. I'll also show you the breakfast
that was prepared for us this morning! Oh.YUM!
See you tomorrow!

1 comment:

Jennifer Marks said...

You and Mr. Hood look so cute together in these pics. So happy! I CANNOT wait until retirement! Hahaha!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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