Out of the Mouths of Babes ~

A few tidbits heard during our time with Ian and Noah today ~

{Noah is potty training and doing well, but it's NOT something I am used to.} "Nan! I gotta go potty!" and he takes off. I get back there just as he throwing his undies on the floor and I hear "Daddy has big boy underwear like me, Nan!"
Watching the two of them interact with their trucks and play pretending, Ian says in a gruff voice, "You better watch out, I'll get you, red truck." Noah, in an even deeper voice, "I'll just get you back and go tell Nan."
Me: "Noah, do you want your tacos?"
Noah: "No sir, I'm ready for my emmies." {translation, M&M's} {Noah says 'sir' to everyone}
We walked out on the Juliet balcony to see John off to work. Noah wanted Ian to go down "so I can wave at you." Ian said he didn't want to go. Noah's response? "Are you scared, Ian?" That did NOT go over well with a big brother.
Huckleberry Hound came on Boomerang and I was trying to remember what his name was. Knew the voice, knew the dawg, just couldn't remember the name! Ian reached over, patted my arm, and said, "It's okay, Nan, his name is Blue Dog." {Yes, Huckleberry Hound is blue, Google it.}
Me: "Ian, do you want chicken or shrimp tonight?"
Ian: "Shrimp, Nan"
Me, to the girl on the phone: "Make that one child chicken and one popcorn shrimp."
Ian: "NOOOOOOOO, you don't cook shrimp with popcorn! It's nasty!"
About two hours after Jen left, Noah paused while playing with his trucks and had this 'look' on his face. "Nan, I think my mommy's on the couch watching TV. Nan? I think I need to be on my couch watching TV."
"Nan, want to play with me?" {This was repeated by Noah at least three dozen times. In the space of about one hour.}
While Brandon was buckling Noah into the car seat this evening, there were a stack of orange cones in the back. Noah took two and held them up to his head. "Nan, horns!"
Ah Brandon, I hope the dinner was good, the boys went to bed early, and you got some time with your feet up!
And as you drove away, I thanked God once more for you, for Jenny, and the beautiful children you share with us.

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