Snuggles & Giggles ~

Jenny came over to bring the boys for a visit today.
She needed some quiet time and we needed some snuggles!
John got a quick snapshot of the three of us ~ yes,
that's Elle Elizabeth waiting patiently for her time~
before she left to go home and get on the couch.And for a bit I got some loving as we played on the floor, then he realized how much fun pouncing was! (You can tell by John's demeanor that Noah never got out of hand. These boys mind very well.) Noah has begun talking up a storm, even when no one is talking to him. His 'trucks' talk, his 'animals' talk, and he wants you to talk as well. This one? He's quieter, most of the time, and can sit enchanted while building with his blocks, Legos, or watching something on PBS. Here he is playing with a set John got last year at Bass Pro, complete with big truck, trailor and two 4-wheelers. (I think there's little people, tents, and some plastic animals somewhere. I'll probably step on them tonight in the dark.)They both love coming here, but not nearly as much as we love having them. One can just never get enough snuggles, kisses, hugs, and "Nan, I love you's". And I can't wait for them to return.

Jen, you can click on a snapshot and see the rest of the ones I took today ~

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Judy said...

Nancy, I've been reading over your blog on my lunch hour and I just had to tell you I'm blown away by all that I've read. Next time we get together (soon I hope) I'd love for you to share more with me.

Now about the snuggles! I can so relate....David and I have withdrawals if we don't see Taylor and Jackson at least once a week. Now that they will be starting kindegarden on Aug. 10th (!) those play times will need to be adjusted. I still can't believe those babies are ready for "big" school....makes me sad in a way.

Ian is growing like a weed. I know Taylor would love to see him!


~ from The Letter Writer ~

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