You Were A Good Man

(The following is simply because I want to always have this available ~ there is a bit of Charlie Brown in each of us and tonight I was trying to remember where I placed my copy of this poem. Posting it here, I have it readily handy forever.
The doghouse sits silent
The pitchers mound, too.
Linus cries in his blanket
The whole world is blue.
The round headed kid
Whose life was disdain,
Will never feed Snoopy
Or play baseball again.
I watched him stay humble
At Halloween time;
When rocks filled his bag,
His heartache was mine.
Christmas was Peanuts
And that sad little tree;
Linus made us realize
What Christmas should be.
Pigpen’s life
Was a dust-filled swirl;
Charlie Brown’s heart
Was a red-haired girl.
The World War I Ace
Shot the Red Baron down;
Then snuggled with Woodstock,
Down on the ground.
They attached to our souls
They were part of our hearts;
In the morning over coffee,
On the TV in the dark.
So our world is a much
Lonelier place tonight;
A legend has passed into the light.
And somewhere a beagle howls
A most pitiful sound,
He’s lost his best friend.
You were a good man, Charlie Brown.

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