Family, Fun, & Food!

Dinner tonight was with this sweet ladyand our Leslie! She's in town!
Leslie and Amanda have been best friends for ever.
And ever.
And we had such fun with them tonight at The Olive Garden. Leslie is in town for the weekend and will be staying with Amanda and will watch the season's first game for the Crimson Tide! Then there's a day on the lake, lots of girl talk to catch up with, and some shopping to be squeezed in. You just can't beat having a bestie. I know ~ I have them, and feel very blessed. Stay tuned for more pics as we will share one more meal with Leslie before she travels home!

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Amanda @ Bits and Pieces said...

Thanks for visiting Bits & Pieces to take a look at my renovations, I appreciate your comment and look forward to reading about your family as well.

Have fun at the lake!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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