Need A Beetle?!

This young man has a Bug ~
a 2001 Volkswagen New Beetle 1.8 Turbo GLS!
And it's For Sale ~ $5,800
Click on any of the pictures to be directed to a link to Or you can contact Brandon by clicking here. This is his Facebook page, so if you cannot link to it, leave me a note and I'll give you his email address. Of course, you can always go to their website by clicking here and leaving him a note there. How cute would this be with a daisy in the flower holder?! Not to mention being cute as a bug driving it! It averages 35 MGP on diesel AND 70 MPG running on vegetable oil! Brandon installed a Greasecar alternative fuel system, which includes a complete filtering system AND about 100 gallons of oil to get you started. (Now, if you don't want to use the vegetable oil system, the car runs great without it too, no modifications needed!)


Holly said...

Cute car! I hope you find someone to buy it! :)

Jenny said...

Look how tiny I was in that picture!

Nancy said...

sure! you weren't as pregnant as you are now! you're what, like within about a week of giving birth now :) yeah, you're a bit larger now ;)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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