Miss Elle

Okay. So we couldn't keep our hands off her.
She's just too cute. And snuggly.
And she fits just right into your heart.
She's beginning to look at you. And smile.
It could be gas. But it's still a smile.
All dressed up for some Mexican food she can't eat. And she has a brother that just cannot keep his hands off her. We smile, and breathe a sigh of relief that he isn't eaten up with jealousy because he had to give over the seat of being the baby in the family. He's her big brother now. Not the biggest, but a big brother nonetheless. And he adores her.
There's something so neat about watching your daughters with their daughters. A really nice kind of feeling. And you hope that they will only teach them the good things you taught them. And forget all the things you wish you'd never done. But then, that's life. And it goes on.

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