Sweethearts and SEC ~

Alaina came to see us Friday night!
and she brought her daddy, mommy,
and big brother, Austin!and we are in heaven ~
More pics to follow with the rest of the family! Jenny and her family have been with us most of the day and we've eaten and laughed and eaten and shopped and eaten and gotten a bit sick with the eating part! They shall return home to Mississippi tomorrow and Ian has already shed a few tears when he realized he and Austin were going to have to say goodbyes. They play so well together ~ and I have a new game to share with you tomorrow that Austin came up with. Kind of drove Pa and Brett crazy! We will travel over in October to catch one of Austin's soccer games.
On the SEC front, the Tide rolled over the Hawgs;
my Vols are still working over Ohio; and, bless Tebow's heart, he got a crushing blow tonight! I mean, the man was knocked out cold! Wowzer, he was down for the count!

As I upload pictures from our weekend with Brett, Stacey, and their babes I'll share! Got some cute ones of our newest member, Miss Elle, too!
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Heather said...

Looks like y'all had a great time!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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