Happy Halloween!

It's been 42 years since sweet Linus (the kid with the wild haircut and blanket) began waiting patiently for the Great Pumpkin, who every Halloween night rises out of the pumpkin patch and acts like a round orange Santa Claus. Naturally, the other kids don't buy into Linus' Great Pumpkin, except for Charlie Brown's sister Sally, and even she is mostly driven by her love of Linus than any real belief in the Great Pumpkin. They end up missing trick-or-treating and a Halloween party and the Great Pumpkin never shows. Poor Charlie Brown gets nothing but rocks while trick-or-treating, Snoopy becomes the World War I Flying Ace and sits atop his doghouse "fighting" the Red Baron. It's classic Charlie Brown.
Here's hoping you see the Great Pumpkin, Linus!
And I hope Johnny brings me home some of this!
Have a really nice weekend with those you love ~


Kasey said...

Those apples look Delicious!

Miss Wisabus said...

Seconding what Kasey said! Amazing!

(Just randomly found you through Technorati. I'm Elizabeth and I'll def. be back!)

charm home said...

I watched the Great Pumpkin last week. It's one of my absolute favorites. I love the movies/cartoons that come on TV around the holidays. Such great classics. Thanks for voting for my blog. I really appreciate all you've done for me so much. It's like I have my very own marketing rep. xoxo -cristi

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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