Friends and Good Food!

I had the privilege of eating with some dear friends today and meeting two new friends! Miss Lou and Miss Bea had plans in place to eat with Raymond and Virginia after worship. When I made plans to attend worship service this morning with Raymond and Virginia I was asked if I'd like to tag along. Hello?! Food?! Does a bull have horns? That's a big YES! Especially when you're going to Applebee's and I've never ever had a dish there I didn't like. Besides, I was told these two ladies were a hoot. And they were! I had such fun. We all did.
Miss Lou is on the left (and do NOT ask me what their true names are. I did not ask, simply preferring to call them by the names everyone else used.) and Miss Bea is on the right. They both wore red today and were pretty peppy! Had a big appetite, too! They each ordered a rack of ribs! With sides! And then took home doggie bags, for lunch tomorrow!
We met Raymond and Virginia when we began worshipping at Prattville in 1991. He was the minister there and is now the stand-in at Capitol Heights congregation. I truly enjoyed being with him and also seeing this beautiful building! I took pictures and you'll see more of this in a later post. For now, I wanted to introduce the friends. And the food. Oh, was it good!
I got the riblets with veggies, and for the unhealthy side I got onion rings. They were huge, crunchy, and oh so delish! Washed down with glass after glass of icy sweet tea! The riblets were good. I was surprised. I love ribs, love love love ribs BUT have an issue sometimes with the sauce that others use on their ribs. These were good.

So how was your Sunday lunch?! What goodies did you have?! (Oh and by the way, I did bring John home a plate. He had to work today, but had a steak waiting for him. Aren't I just the sweet little wife?!) Leave me a quick comment and tell me your favorite Sunday lunch!


Leslie said...

Well, I was the sweet little wife today too and made a red chicken chili and took it to work to feed Ty, his co-worker & wife since Nov. 1 of every year is inventory and I knew it would be a long day for him. We enjoyed it and went back to work!

Haley said...

we had a fellowship at church.... So you know we ate GOOD! Then tonight we had a devo with the teens and we had chili and sweet cornbread and once again it was really good!

Stacia said...

We headed to the mexican resturant for lunch after church. It was yummy!! Lots of friends and family make any meal just wonderful!!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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