The Church of Christ in Capitol Heights

This past Sunday I drove into Montgomery to worship with some dear friends, to make some new ones, and to find one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever worshipped in. I took my camera and wanted to share with you this 80+ year old church. It brought back many memories of younger years and it may strike your heartstrings as well ~
The congregation of Capitol Heights began meeting in 1929, with the first services being held under a tent on May 19th. There were thirty-nine members in attendance as well as several visitors. Bro. A L Shiver spoke with Fred Little beginning a gospel meeting the following day.
I just loved the serene setting, although it sits beside a major thoroughfare the trees and shrubs buffered the street noise. Loved the archways! and the older homes in this area!September 1, 1936, Clyde Fulmer began working as a minister and served for thirty years. The church membership grew and additional classrooms were added, always maintaining the charm and architecture of the original plans. Pictured below is the side entrance~don't you just love the window?! There's a photograph that follows that will showcase this from the inside! I was told there have been many bridal portraits made with this in the background.
The last minister for this congregation, Byron Benson, began working with them in 2004 and died recently. A dear friend of ours, Raymond Elliott, is presently ministering to this church while they search for a full time minister. I truly enjoyed my time with them.
There was a wedding that took place a few hours after we left!I would NOT have glossed over these doors, but loved the shape! There are several of these inside. There are a pair on either side of the pulpit.
I had not seen one of these in quite a few years and remember growing up always looking to see what numbers were listed for that particular Sunday. (Again, I wouldn't have used such a high gloss varnish. But that's just me.)
They had accessorized with beautiful fall arrangements on both sides of the baptistery. Don't you love the urns?! and the simpleness of the cross? Again, there was the arch.
At the top of the stairs was a ladies bathroom. Look at the frosted glass?! How long has it been since you've seen this?! I grew up seeing doors like this!! Kind of scary, though, to come out of the bathroom and have the stairwell immediately to the right! I was amazed at the attention to detail ~ the newel posts, sturdiness of the rooms, trimwork and the usage of the original chalkboards and bulletin boards. And the smell, you can't buy that age old smell of character.
Built in seats! and a holder for the chalk! This was a classroom and there were two of these step seating areas. You can tell there have been children here but most of the congregation is older and they are so in hopes that the laughter of the young will return.
Here's the room I was telling you about! Look at that window! And the doors are solid wood! Walking upstairs there was the neat creaking and groaning of the wood. I fell in love.
It used to be an open room but a divider wall has been erected to house teacher materials. It's still a charming room, especially as the afternoon light began filtering through the panes.
This was the classroom downstairs we met in for bible study. Again, I had not seen built in boards like this in decades and all the windows downstairs were arched.
I intend to take John back. The brethren were friendly and so happy to have visitors. It would be grand to see it return to a growing membership, the laughter of babies, and the promise of newlyweds. It's always a bit sad when downtown areas are left behind for the 'new and better'. If you get a chance, visit this sweet congregation. They'll be so glad to see you and you'll leave feeling a bit better than when you arrived. I promise.

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