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"And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet. " Matthew 10:14 When you can hold your head up, knowing you have spoken the truth, knowing you have done all that you can to correct a wrong situation, then you can walk away knowing there is absolutely nothing else you can do.

There has been a situation that has been allowed to become entangled and fraught with lies and untruths for over five years now. I have not been asked what happened, although judgements have been placed and my family set aside. We no longer count as family members except what is necessary for a "public image".

It is easy to portray only what you want the public to see, to hear, to believe. When the majority do not want to face the facts and right the wrongs, there will be no solution. I am shaking the dust from my feet and moving on. There is no reason to lower my head for I have done nothing wrong. I protected the very ones that now turn their faces, their hearts, their children against me and my family.

I shall always be thankful that I was allowed to see Paradise, to see what awaits His children. I will always be grateful that He took me there. There IS a place waiting. That image continues to bring solace to my soul. Some things in this life aren't worth stressing over and I am taking myself out of this one.

Now, on a lighter note! it's been a really beautiful day here in central Alabama and although we've got some rain moving in, the days are pleasantly cool and the nights still cooler! AND there's a new place to eat downtown, where you can get hamburgers and home cooked veggies! It's open for lunch each weekday and will open for dinner Thursday and Friday nights. I'm not sure about Saturday, but I bet they'll be open. I just love downtown. Can you tell?

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Susie from Bienvenue said...

Stay close to the truth "THE WORD" and He will guide your path. Family does let us down sometimes...Our Lord never fails! I will say a lil prayer for you and that family...now go get that burger girlfriend! {{{HUGS}}}

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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