Sharing the Soup

This is Miss Virginia ~ I took some of 'The Soup' to her this afternoon because she's a good cook. It needs something, and I knew she would know. However, she thinks it's good and only suggested adding a bit more liquid (and maybe some tomato sauce). I'm also trying to talk her into having a blog of her own, to share recipes, bits of wisdom, and just living a good life.
Her husband, Raymond, writes several blogs. You can click on a photo to be taken to any one of them! They're good friends. She fried cornbread, and I took The Soup! Look how yummy! Soup, cornbread, and sweet tea! What a meal. Guess what! She had fresh flowers on the table!
I ate lots and lots of cornbread. I'll think about a diet tomorrow. Miss Virginia likes orange juice in her tea. I've never heard of such, but

I intend to try it!

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