The Strip

While reading through an SEC book of John's this afternoon, I came upon a quote from a player. I found it interesting, so I began running a search to see just what was being bandied about ~ it led me to Alabama's George Teague chasing down a Miami receiver and stripping the ball away from him! Awesome. Not only did he prevent a sure touchdown, but Alabama won this national championship game 34-13 in the '93 Sugar Bowl. The quote that began it all this afternoon? "Alabama's cornerbacks don't impress me one bit. They're overrated. Real men don't play zone defense and we'll show them a thing or two come January 1." This quote coming from Miami receiver Lamar Thomas (the man that just happens to have his touchdown taken away by George Teague!) Gotta love SEC football. Gotta love the Crimson Tide ~


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Nancy!!! I hope you're doing wonderful ~ no, I've not been using my Etsy store for awhile, I just sell from my shoppe blog and from my tutorial blog now ~ Your new little grandbaby is just beautiful!!!! I hope your week is great dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

Stacia said...

love it! i'll have to get Darren to watch this one ;-)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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