Some favorites of the week ~

The week began with finding out that Jake the Pilot will be the next bachelor! WhooHoo! I love this show, and love to talk to all the dummies on there! Truly, I think it's the only time I ever talk to the television! and don't feel silly doing so. Loved Jake, disappointed that Jillian gave him the boot and look forward to seeing what type catches his eye and who ultimately lands him!
Layla at The Lettered Cottage was filmed this week! for a magazine! There was a crew at their home (in our sweet little town!) for the better part of the week. She can't show us the pics until the magazine hits the stands but you can click on the above photograph to be directed to her blog and read all about what transpired! This is one of my favorite blogs ~ and she lives nearby!
Jenny and her family made their annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch this week. It was bitter cold and damp, but the smiles on my grandsons faces brought such warmth to my heart. And the delight on Jenny's face had me sending all over again prayers of thanksgivings.
Noah was afraid to go up and slide down alone, so his mommy went with him. Look at the utter joy on their faces! After a couple of trips, Noah had the courage to go alone. I have linked their site to each of these pictures of them if you'd like to go over and see what else they've been up to and read more about their time at this annual event.
This shot is a favorite this week. My baby with her baby. And the look of love, bliss, and happiness on her face and that of her sleeping child.
A great snapshot of the man that made the preceding photographs possible ~ her high school sweetheart, best friend, and the father of three of the cutest grandchildren!
Stacey sent some snapshots from their State Fair and I began missing these babes all over again. Alaina was brave enough to ride the Kiddie Tower, and Stacey said she loved it! Austin made me hungry for corn on the cob! Note to Hood: take me to Mississippi soon. Soon! and get some corn.
I am so proud of this girl! A former student, she is seeing so many dreams come true that she has set for herself and I'm excited for her. Her blog is a favorite of mine. Click on her header photograph and go look at how neat her designs are!

Last night I met Kay at Applebee's for an appetizer and dinner! Then we went to a home decor show and laughed. Snacked on some yummy food and had some delicious drinks made from mixes offered by the consultant. The company used to be Southern Living at Home and has loads of awesome items. I, however, am a dyed in the wool Kirklands and Hobby Lobby fool and saw much that I can recreate with their 'stuff'. Still truly enjoyed the girlfriend time, though!! There's nothing like giggling girly girls!

And the week is ending with a close football game, too close, of the Crimson Tide and South Carolina. I love watching SEC games with The Hood. He gets so involved. Talk about talking to the TV?! The man does!! and paces, and yells, and laughs out loud. I love you, Johnny Hood. Forever and a day.

So, how was your week and what were some of your favorites?!

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charm home said...

I'm a Bachelor fanatic too! Your grandbabies are just precious. You are so very blessed to have such a wonderful family. Thanks for the Charm Home mention too! Your the best. Hope you had a great weekend.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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