A Few Loves in My Life ~

**our beautiful daughters, Jenny, Leslie and Stacey ~ such inspirations to me, such sweet parts of our life

**our precious grandbabies, Austin, Ian, Alaina, Noah, and baby Elle ~ the ones that remind me how sweet and adorable their mommies were when they were small

**my Lord and Saviour ~ always there, always loving, always forgiving, always helping me to be a better mother, wife, person

**John ~ the man that has always believed in me more than I've believed in myself

**Brett, Brandon ~ the Christian men that love and adore our daughters and grandbabies

**hot showers, soft beds, safety within four walls ~ things we often overlook but miss when we don't have them

**girlfriends, Nelson ~ those that bring delight and laughter to my days just by being with them and near them

Not in any order other than when I typed the title this was what came into my heart. I am so thankful for the blessings of my life, even those little bitty ones that creep into my days and make life richer. We are truly a blessed nation, a blessed people, and these are a few of my loves and blessings.

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