Alabama Football and Food

While going through the Thanksgiving menu in my mind today, I knew I wanted to make a macaroni and cheese casserole. John is not a fan, but Jenny and Brandon are ~ and I could make a meal of it. I love the homemade recipe and need to ask the Maddox's which they prefer. The Hood is not going to care one way or the other. Which do you prefer? There's a poll over in the upper right hand corner and I'd love for you to vote and tell me your favorite way to eat mac 'n cheese.

It's about time for the Tide to meet the MSU Bulldogs in Starkville. Our oldest daughter, Stacey, and her husband are graduates of MSU so a win over them will be bittersweet, but still sweet! I ran over to McAlisters for sandwiches and chips and we've settled in with full tummies and fresh pound cake with coffee to watch the game! (Don't you just love a man that makes you coffee?!) (Not to mention how great it makes the home smell!)

So ~ who are you watching on the teli and what did you have for dinner?!

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