Of Course!

Yes, I'm playing with backgrounds. So what else is new.

If you've checked out my list Blog Dressing, you found several new sites! I would have a different background each week if it weren't so time consuming. By the time I finally choose one, then play around with fonts and colors, and wonder AGAIN if I want to stay with a three column layout, I find I've spent way too much time trying to decide.

If you change your layout, leave me a comment!

Because I love photographs, here's a favorite one this week!

and another. I just love the way our sweet 'laina is staring at her older brother's costume. I miss those babies.

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Melissa Lester said...

Hi, Nancy, your holiday background is so pretty! Thanks for your comment this morning about the tea. I didn't know if we had talked about it before, but Teresa Stacy was my godmother. Her husband and my dad were stationed in Grand Forks, ND, when I was born, and my parents and the Stacys were great friends. In fact, Bob converted my dad -- and that's when he decided to become a preacher! I saw Teresa a couple of times when Joe and I moved to Montgomery, but haven't seen her in several years now. I didn't know until your comment that she loves tea, so maybe we can catch up sometime over a cup!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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