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Helen Gray, two year old daughter of Brian and Kristy Gray. She loved and was loved. Sunday she left this earthly world to reside in a place of peace and total comfort. There is a void left here in the hearts of those that are trying to come to terms with the accident that took her, the complications Kristy faces as she struggles to overcome extensive physical injuries, and that age old question that even the faithful ask themselves. Why do bad things have to happen to good people? Dying is easy. Painless. Living is hard. That's where the pain is. The healing of our hearts has only just begun.
You can click here and be directed to a Facebook Group that has been established for the family. I'm sure they would sorely appreciate your heartfelt prayers. If you would like to mail them a card, you can use this address:

Atlanta Medical Center
Pamela “Kristy” Gray
303 Parkway Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30312

I know they would appreciate a card. Kristy is looking at a long hospital stay.

A fund has been set up in memory of Helen. All monies raised will go toward medical, funeral and other expenses they may incur. Here is the info:

In Memory of Helen Gray
First Commercial Bank
Reference Acct# 1002131686
P.O. Box 040002
Huntsville, Alabama 35804
phone 256.551.3300

You can also donate via Paypal. Click here for more info and how to donate through Paypal.

Helen would have turned three on the 23rd of this month. Kristy's back is broken in several places and they have told her she may not walk again. Her response was, "Well, I have a lot of work to do then." When told of Helen's death, she responded by trying to comfort her husband. What strong and beautiful faith from two that have had their world torn asunder. But Satan will not win this challenge. We lift them up, children of God worldwide, in prayers for healing, for comfort, for peace. He hears the prayers of the righteous and He will prevail. This is not the road I would have chosen for these two that we love, but they will go forward. And they will grieve. But they will continue to praise the King and they will see her again. One day, they will see her again.


Kristen said...

Helen will be missed by a lot of people. The Gray family has been a blessing to many and remain a huge inspiration and encouragement to me. This is a wonderful post.

Kristi said...

This is simply broken my heart. I have thought of them constantly since finding out Sunday night. And, I want to hear more of your story! It is a comfort to hear someone that was on the edge of Heaven.

I feel like Brian and Kristy are family. They are Faulkner family. They are christian family.

Crystal said...

I love your words. They are such good people and yes that question goes through my mind over and over....why must these things happen to people like this? They have been in my constant thoughts and prayers. I can't even imagine their pain, but am in awe of their faith that has continually shown through during this tragic time.

Jennifer Lawes said...

I love the pics you posted, and your eloquent words. I keep wondering in my mind why these wonderful people are having to deal with the worst pain (I think) imaginable, and yet Kristy's words to Brian amaze me and inspire me. We went to church at Winder and Monroe with them and their selflessness always inspired me.
Love your blog!

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

I know that God can use even this unspeakable tragedy for His glory but oh what a heartbreak. My baby just turned three and the very thought of losing him stings my eyes. I will be praying for this family as they grieve, mourn, and seek healing.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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