Asleep, 77 Days ~ the Garden

I've been asked what I remember about the Garden, as in what was there, who was there, was there a sun in the sky. You get the idea. I've already told you I saw three that I knew and loved ~ my father and John's parents. What I have not talked about much was the 'being' that I knew to be standing on my right, on the edge of my peripheral vision, but I want to save this for another post.

But back to what I saw, what I remember, was a lush and vibrant garden. Intense colors, but not garish; full blooming plants, fully leaved trees; and there was an order to everything. The beds had tall flowers in the back and followed through with shorter flowers until they edged out at the side of the path. I only remember one such bed, and it appeared to be long and wide. Off to my right, behind Jim, were trees and grass. Thick, green grass, but not tall, maybe ankle height. I do not remember seeing any brownness, any withered flower or wilted shrub. The Garden was as healthy looking as those I loved. And it stretched out toward the horizon.

I felt the breeze on my face and saw leaves moving on the trees. It was odd that I felt the breeze because afterwards I realized that the ones I saw were not aware of me. I did not hear anything, almost as if I was on one side of a window pane. Although they were within easy walking distance of only a few feet, I somehow knew they didn't know I was there. Had I been allowed to stay, they would have. I feel sure of that. But this was not my time. It was not to be.

The path went out from where I stood and curved back to the left, past my father. He was wearing khaki colored slacks and a light blue short sleeved shirt. Remembering past pictures of him while he and mother were dating, the style was much like it was during that time. I still am amazed at how young and healthy he looked. Although I never knew him when he was that young, I knew he would know me and I looked forward to having him wrap me in the hug I know so well. John's father stood across the path, in his overalls, and he was laughing. He was always laughing. Standing there with his hands in his overall pockets, with his head thrown back, laughing. I didn't hear him but I felt his happiness. Miss Ora Lee was near me, on her knees with young plants. The earth was rich, dark, and loose. She and Jim looked as they did 27 years ago when John and I married, but much healthier here. Supreme peace permeated my soul.

I did not see a sun but it was daytime as I know it. No clouds but a blue, blue sky. I have been asked if I saw any animals and you can read that post here. No I didn't. But that does not mean they weren't there. I can't tell you how long I was there, only that it wasn't long enough. It felt like only minutes. Every pore on my arms tingled and I felt highly excited. I have already told you my first thought was "Johnny is going to be so excited when he gets here!" I knew I was separated from him, I knew where I was, I knew I was not on earth. And this knowledge did not sadden me in the least.

It was more than I ever imagined. This was The Garden. His Garden. And I knew it with every fiber of my being. I curled my toes inward and the path was soft gravel. No pain, softness. Some have asked what I was wearing. I have no idea. I never looked behind me, where I felt a great void or darkness, nor did I look beside me, where I know a being was standing. I never looked up. I was so totally fascinated with what lie in front of me that I saw no reason to look anywhere else.

I can tell you how easy it is to die. You blink, you inhale, and you're there. There is no memory of how you got there, what path you took that brought you to this, be it accident, natural causes, whatever it took to bring you to this moment, is behind you. Forgotten. His beauty awaits you, with those you love. I have a few thoughts about this too, that I'll share later. Suffice to say, I knew I was separated by death from those I love here but there was absolutely positively no sadness. I knew I was joined with those that are there. Dying is easy. Living is what's hard. What's painful. If I could impart just a minute piece of how easy it is, how excited you'll be, how painless it is, you would see that you need never ever fear death. He truly has taken the sting away. But, that's another post as well.


Kristi said...

I can't wait to hear more! Please add more soon! :)

Leah said...

Nancy-I'm so enthralled with your story! Looking forward to more! You should consider writing a book...if you haven't already considered it! Love you!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Nancy...thank you so much for sharing this beautiful journey with us, you are precious to do so...hugs and love, Dawn

charm home said...

This is just amazing. I can't believe you were there. It seems so wonderful. I can't wait to hear more. -Cristi

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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