The Tide Rolls

"Not even Tebow could part the Tide" - this was being bandied about as the Tide rolled over the Florida Gators 32-13 Saturday in Atlanta! It was an awesome game! Florida did not even score the second half. We ruled. Plain and simple.
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Here are two of my favorites moments! First up, Mark Ingram! Three touchdowns and 113 yards rushing and 76 yards receiving! He was burning it up yesterday! I am in hopes he will be the Heisman Winner this year, as he so deserves this trophy.
One of my very favorite replays was Greg McElroy tip toeing down the sidelines for a first down, which led to a fieldgoal! He hopped on his right foot before being knocked out by a Florida lineman. Greg had 239 passing and one touchdown! I've never seen the young man look so good.
Next up? Pasedena, California!! Can you feel the excitement?!
{Update on Kristy Gray? What a woman! She was watching the game in her hospital room! They have her sitting up today, but pain has been a real issue. She and Brian have a tough road ahead. The funeral for their two year old daughter will be December, the 16th. We would appreciate each and every prayer for this precious Christian couple in the face of such tragedy. They continue to praise the goodness of our God. Take that, Satan.}


Lisa Ann said...

Congratulations on the bowl game! I'm excited for you even if you did beat VT! :) We will be watching the game and cheering them on.

Audrey said...

Hi Nancy - as a Gator fan I am still boo hooing! Alabama was w/out a doubt the better team. Alabama is my second favorite team, but they were not on Saturday!! I do hope they win the national championship! Great team!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas as well!


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