Baby Fields

I have always, always loved this print. In fact, I found it and had it professionally framed when Jenny was younger. The reason this particular print grabs my heart is that our Jenny has a doll that she loved dearly when she was small. Baby Fields was two weeks older than Jenny and was a much loved Betsy Clark doll that went through umpteen dresses, legs, and arms. The only original part left of that poor babydoll was her trunk and her face. And the facial features were all washed/worn off. But there was never a more loved baby doll.
As we noticed how worn this doll was getting we began looking for another Betsy Clark doll. We looked and looked and looked. And looked some more. My mother in law finally found one on a visit to San Francisco. Upon giving it to Jenny, we noted there wasn't much enthusiasm. Hmm. Jen disappeared for a bit and returned, having gone to Mima's bathroom, gotten some lipstick, and given the new doll some painted lips. Horrors. Needless to say, that doll was trashed and we just kept Baby Fields repaired. Some things just can't be replaced.
Both of these adorable prints came from a blog I found when I first began my blog. The Feathered Nest. Dawn generously shares her prints with us and has such a sweet site. Go visit her and see for yourself. She's a creative soul and a real sweetheart.

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The Feathered Nest said...

What a precious story Nancy!!!! I love it that Jen absolutely loved her dolls face right off ~ sweetness....hugs and love dear friend, Dawn

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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