It's My Birthday!

I have a birthday tomorrow! I shall be 55 totally awesome years! Some have been better than others, but I truly wouldn't have missed this dance.
Here are 55 neat thoughts I had today ~
1) I still have at least 30 more good years!
2) Boy, it's harder getting up off the floor than it used to be.
3) Never realized I could love another's child until I became a Nan.
4) Still love coloring in a new coloring book with new crayons.
5) I just love Munchos and sweet tea.
6) Wonder how long it would take to lose ten pounds.
7) Wonder what I have to give up to lose ten pounds. Munchos?
8) Wow, John begins a vacation tomorrow. He'll be home thirteen days. Wow.
9) What is he going to do to keep from being bored?!
10) I love my life.
11) There are some ugly people in this world. Smelly ones, too.
12) There really isn't enough hours in most of my days.
13) Should I stop and get a breakfast biscuit? No. Drive on.
14) I think we'll leave around 9 am for Brandon, MS.
15) Snow. I love snow. We just don't get enough.
16) I really should start trying to lose ten pounds. Maybe next week.
17) Comfort foods: cream of wheat with butter, tuna and noodles
18) Favorite drink: sweet tea, or an icy classic coke
19) Favorite dream: to see Paris in Spring. Or Christmas.
20) Favorite car: the one I'm driving now
21) Favorite home: 204 Spruce
22) I should have stopped and got that biscuit.
23) The shoppe needs to be vacuumed. Drat.
24) Love this scarf Stacey gave me for Christmas!
25) Which reminds me, I loved those white chocolate pecans Patti gave me!
26) Listening to the radio would be better if there weren't commercials.
27) The TV is all mine tonight!
28) Which reminds me, The Bachelor isn't fun now that I know who he picks :/
29) There are so many tiny wrinkles on my hands!
30) Gosh, look at the wrinkles on my arms!
31) Okay, quit looking. It's getting worse.
32) I love the way Garrison cleaned my car!
33) Drat, Garrison is moving to Knoxville to go to UT.
34) So who's going to clean my car now?!
35) Forget the biscuit. Wish I had some white chocolate pecans!
36) I need more room at CaaB to display the new arrivals!
37) Shoot, I forgot my phone charger.
38) Maybe we'll go out to eat Thursday night. Maybe I'll just get take out.
39) I love a Japanese Steakhouse!
40) Noah is funny not looking at me when he first comes through the door.
41) Ian's hair color is gorgeous.
42) Oh, there's Elle. Be still my heart.
43) Wow, it's 4 already!
44) I love it when Noah and Alaina want me to read to them.
45) Alaina. I get to see her this weekend!
46) I love watching Jenny nurse Elle.
47) I'm glad Patti has to do the window dressing. I'm so NOT into that.
48) Retirement. What a grand way to live.
49) John's on vacation after tonight. Hmm
50) I wonder where we'll eat Saturday night!
51) I love food. I love eating just for the pleasure of the taste!
52) I'm so proud of our daughters.
53) We really need to pay the water bill.
54) Think I'll stop by Zaxby's on the way home.
55) It's been an awesome day.


Lisa Ann said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from the North Carolina Nancy and John. We are a few years ahead of you, but not much. Have a good birthday day and month. Bet you are heading for snow!

Nancy said...

Thanks, girls! It's been a nice one and yes, Nancy, I would love love love some snow. A real snowfall, not just a dusting!

Audrey said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Nancy....enjoyed your post!!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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