New Decorating Site!

I found this site and fell in love with her ideas! She's Becca at Adventures in Decorating and you'll enjoy her posts and photos as much as I have! I look forward to reading further and seeing more of her beautiful home! Look what they did with their breakfast room?! Love it!
And I want this centerpiece on our table!
Don't you love the candle idea? and the Lazy Susan?!
What are you waiting for?! Go, go!


Becca said...

Hi Nancy !! Thank you SO much for chatting about my little ol' blog !! Obviously, I don't deserve the recognition, but am flattered all the same !! I love this time of year where we find ourselves refreshing our homes, don't you? (Even though we can go a bit overboard ... oops.) And, I LOVE your blog ... witty and obvious how much your family and friends mean to you. I, too, am a former cheerleader, also claustrophobic and wish I looked like Faith Hill (LOL). My mother and two older sisters were/are teachers, too. And, how wonderful you and your husband still dance in the kitchen. We do the same with our 3 year old son, but our dancing is not nearly as coordinated as yours, I'm sure. Thanks again for your kindness ... hope I don't disappoint with the rest of my home I'll be sharing soon. Take care, Becca

Audrey said...

Hi Nancy. I found that blog when she had her Christmas decorations up...they were beautiful. She definately has a knack for decorating. I will have to stop by and leave her a message.

I am glad your granddaughter is doing better....she has been in my prayers. Take care!


~ from The Letter Writer ~

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