Snow! Finally!

This is Stacey's home! At the time this was taken, they'd already gotten four inches and that was early this morning. They ended up getting quite a bit more. Austin and Alaina had a blast! This is Leslie's home and you can see her 'boot' prints along with MarleyDog's paw prints as they walked outside early this morning. There was enough snow that there's still snow between the prints and the driveway! Lucky girls.
Look at the snow Jenny got at her house! And she lives just outside city limits! Note how cute our youngest grandaughter is. She doesn't know what snow is yet.
Our daughters got snow today. They really got snow.
And here's what we got. And this was after several hours.
This was after it snowed a couple of hours. Didn't get much better than this. Drat.
Just not the same, but hey, it's snow!
(This area will eventually be joined with the units on the other side of the lake. For now though, it's just a quiet zone that doesn't look too pretty.) So, how much snow did your part of the world receive?! It's still coming down, but it isn't sticking on the asphalt.


charm home said...

Sorry you didn't get more fluffy white stuff. I would send some over if I could. We got a lot here. It's so pretty. Have a great Valentine's Day weekend. Hope you get something sweet from "The Hood". :o) xo, Cristi

Christy Harris said...

One of my FAVORITE childhood memories is sitting on the couch, looking out the big window in the living room and watching it snow...just millions of little snow flakes that God knew by name. It was so quiet and peaceful...and perfect!
I'm so happy you got SOME just makes everything feel more exciting for a little while.
Happy Birthday - by the way!! :)

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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