Dented Cans, Oh My!

See anything wrong in the can shown above?! The side to your left is lower than the right hand side, which means you do NOT want to put a can like this in your grocery buggy! Let me share with you what I learned tonight from a great magazine, ShopSmart I love this magazine! And it has no advertising in it! No ads!! Can you believe that?!
Okay, so I've heard all my life not to ever ever ever never buy a food can that is dented. Leave them alone. The health department will come and laugh at you when you get sick from eating food out of a dented can! You will get no medical attention. Alright, so all I was told was that you stood a higher than average chance of getting food poison from dented cans ~ so I just never bought any. Tonight, I learned more about this! Here's what you need to remember.
If you've just dropped it and dented it a bit, go ahead and eat it. You'll live. And you'll be healthy. But if you buy a dented or damaged can off the grocery shelf ~ and yes, they are marked down most likely ~ the chances are higher that they contain a dangerous bacteria called Clostridium botulinum (and I copied those two big words from the article hardyhaha!). The organism is rare, but the toxin can be deadly and why take the chance?! And get this!
It's possible for the can to look normal in the store and develop a bulge once you get it home and it's sat in the pantry. Don't open it! ShopSmart says don't even touch it without using disposable gloves and to get rid of it by placing the unopened can in a sealable bag, wrap it in yet another plastic bag that is tied tight, taped, and placed in a trash bin. They said to NOT put the food in the sink, garbage disposal, or toilet! And of course, wash your hands with soap and hot water afterwards. Yuck!!!! Makes you wonder what DOES go down the toilets and garbage disposables that eventually may end up in our water treatment plants that cannot be gotten rid of!!!
Now, aren't you glad you read this? Are you on your way to check the cans on your shelves? If you live in central Alabama, especially in MY town, don't chunk your junk down your sink or toilet! I don't want to drink it!!!! Go get this month's ShopSmart, look on page 12. See for yourself! And have a great weekend!!


Heather said...

Oh my! Now that is interesting...and GROSS! Thanks for sharing.

Audrey said...

Nancy, thanks for sharing this article. I have always stayed away from dented cans for some reason, other than the fact they are unattractive...glad I have. I will continue to do so...again, thanks for passing that on.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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