Our China Pattern! Or Patterns (wink)

I love china. China, everyday ware, you name it, I love it. As long as it is NOT plastic. Or paper. Target has some fun dinnerware that is some sort of Melamine and it's cute, but when I munch I want to feel something solid under my food. The pattern shown above was a set gifted to me by my, then new, husband on our first Christmas. From Parisians, they were only a set of salad plates but I loved them! They were paired with something similiar to the next photo. My paternal grandmother had given me a complete 12-piece set of silver ~ Rose Point ~ and a complete setting of this white china with a lacy look. I felt very special indeed!
My family ate on it regularly, as I believe that each and every day is special and we should use the things we love and not "save them". For that special day may never come. Or maybe it doesn't come often enough. My sweet husband quickly grew used to eating in the dining room on a regular basis, and not just on 'Sunday lunch'!After a time, I got up the courage to ask if I could have another set. He agreed and I began buying pieces of Old Country Roses off eBay. It's dainty and makes me feel real girly when the table is set with it and roses in the centerpiece. I have some gold plated utensils that looks good with it as well. I don't know about you, but the only way I use the cups and saucers is for ice cream and cookies! Cute!
My daughter had collected Lenox Eternal and when she decided to switch over to Solitaire, I bought her Eternal set. My weakness is buying salad plates and dessert plates to play off these two major sets. Poor John. He has no idea.
Skip over to Kelly's to look and see what others are using!
And have a really, really nice weekend!
Get out the 'good stuff' and use it!!!


mjellis said...

How pretty! I love rose point - so classic!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love the ROSE...so much..
Great blog...Hope you will stop by and read about our Disney Cruise and I have a GOOD giveaway that I am drawing for on Monday.


~ from The Letter Writer ~

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