Veranda Ideas!

The one pictured above isn't so bad. However,
I am NOT a fan of hot tubs,
preferring to share water with noone.
Maybe just The Hood.
But do not ask me to get in water that's been standing.
And is heated to the point of breaking you out in a light sweat.
Nope. Not me.
I'll take a scalding shower, but not a hot tub.
But I digress.
We're supposed to be talking about porch ideas~
I like the swing in this one.
And the curtain idea. But that's all.
I am not a fan of stark white, blue and red.
I can just imagine the mildew that our humidity brings.
Can you imagine a wall of shelves on a porch?!
Seriously?! With stuff in them?! Sure.
I can just see this working.
Especially coated in spring and fall's pollen.
I don't want another room to clean,
thank you very much.
I do like the one shown above.
Not sure how the green plants would do.
I have an uncanny ability to kill everything except silk.
My daughters roll their eyes when they visit and see the silk.
I seem to not be able to get away from.'t.die!These last two? My style.
Oh, so totally me.
In fact, I am going to do my darnedest to get The Hood
to help me replicate the look of this last photo. I doubt he'll let me hang shutters,
and I already know I'd kill Boston ferns,
nor can we afford expensive wicker.
Aside from that, I want this look!

Once I get going with our presently empty veranda,
I'll post a few photos to share with you!
Wonder what it will become?!

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