A Powerful Statement

"My Lily is now in a private room.
Because He lives, and you believe it,
my daughter lives."
~Flynn Murphy, Tuesday 15th
If you follow my blog you'll remember this sweet girl, Lily Murphy, and a post I did earlier last week asking for prayers. She suffered a near drowning accident at a birthday party, hers as a matter of fact, and was placed on life support before all the guests had left. Christians worldwide went into prayer warrior mode for this child and her adoring parents. Lily is still in Children's in B'ham but in a private room and breathing on her own. There appears to be no brain damage. The cervical collar came off yesterday. Her doctors are accepting no credit and we are giving Him all the glory and praise for sending Lily back. I thought Flynn's statement on Facebook yesterday was too powerful not to share. Have a blessed day ~


Update: 6-16 @ 8:54 am
"Lily was moved to a private room late last night. She is doing very well with her mental status. She talks with a whisper and knows where she is. She is able to communicate well and tell us what she needs, wants or that she is scared. She watches t.v. and even nibbled on a kit kat bar some. She has chest PT every 4 hours to loosten the junk up that has settled in her little lungs. She is also still requiring oxygen but it has been bumped down so we are still trying to wean from that. She is getting IV antibiotics for that and we are hoping for her to clear up soon. Great news is no more fever right now. Pray that this continues. Thank you ALL for the overwhelming amout of prayers, concerns, love, visits, gifts, messages and kind words.

With love, The Murphy family"

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Heather said...

How amazing! How touching! And what a wonderful testimony that little girl will have to tell the world. Our God is AWESOME!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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