I Did, But Now I Don't

This, to me, would be the ultimate ride for someone with grandkids. Or say, a sweet ride to go on vacation in ~ lots of room to pack bags. Even furniture from antique spots!
I wanted one,
at one time. If money weren't an issue, I would love love love
to gift my son in laws with these!
Screams 'Male Toy'!
John began calling these 'gangsta' cars right off.
I still think they're kind of cool and they ride great.
Or so I've been told. John took one for a test drive.
Just to see how it handled.But you wanna know why we don't want to buy any of these OR any GMC or Chryslar product? Not only did our tax dollars bail Chryslar out once, but twice! And our tax dollars bailed out GMC. So with that in mind, if I purchase any of their products, then wouldn't that be paying them twice? Hmmm
Just sayin' ~

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