I Heart Anthropologie

Hey, Johan, I want these!
They're $18 a piece!
I have discovered, finally, Anthropologie! Quite a few of the DIY blogs I love to follow take ideas from this company, along with Ballard, and make beautiful replicas. Last night, when a yucky tummy hit and I couldn't sleep, I blog hopped ~ one of my favorite pasttimes. Look what I found! You can click on a photo and read more about it, along with alternate views. Here are some of my favorites~
I heart this tablecloth and love the edging!
I can see this on a future deck with colorful tableware.
Okay, Mr. Hood, I would love love love to own this.
Not sure where we'd put it, but love the look.
If you don't have a pantry, this would work!
This idea is too cute and I can see this being easy to copy. Might not have drawers as this does, but painting the numbers would be easy peasy and distressing is too fun. If you see what the price is, you'll want to make your own. {wink font} Okay, so the one thing I wanted to buy, that was on sale and I could afford, was not available in the initials I need. Doesn't it normally happen this way? Sheez. If I could decorate a room around an object, I could begin with this pitcher. With shades of soft whites and pastels, I'd relax until I slid right off a slipcovered sofa.

This next item looks amazing when lit.See the difference?! But look at the price! Geez Louise.

I just bet someone somewhere has already copied this idea and is now loving that they paid peanuts for a chandi that would have broken our bank account. Personally, I wouldn't hang this in our home, but I love that it's an idea so easily done.

Next I want to explore IKEA. Been reading alot on this spot!

What is YOUR favorite shop?!

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