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I have found a very interesting, written from the heart, site and feel compelled to share it with you. Most of the ones that read my blog are looking for home decorating ideas or to keep up with our family news. Regular readers know that America is a passion of mine and you've seen articles on here where I have shown disappointment and anger over the lack of respect being shown to her. I have found a blog that goes deeper. Guy Wood is a member of our Armed Forces and a patriot. He loves this country and we share the same views on how she is being knocked around and treated. I encourage you to visit Witstop and read his articles. You'll find factual information on current affairs, and at times he will end with his thoughts on the matter.
I am thoroughly enjoying them. All too often we get comfortable and subconsciously think that if we just ignore a situation, it will go away; we want to think only of 'easy' things and not the reality side of life. We need to find a happy medium of both. That is what this author is doing. Shaking you up enough to give you something to pray for, and leaving you with the hope that our King is in control.
He also has a blog for fathers, called Duty Calls, and another Home School Detective. I know you will not only enjoy them, but you will come away better informed and a bit more knowledgeable. Visit. Read. Learn. And have a most enjoyable Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Nancy! Thank you so much. Now I better really produce! I appreciate you kind words and willingness to fight for what's right.

Guy (WitStop)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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