Neat Sites, Nifty People

Using a used cabinet door {or one from your local Lowe's or Home Depot} and some flash cards, this nifty person made a really neat place for backpacks and jackets! You can find her by going to Be Different, Act Normal or clicking on the photo! Leave her a comment. We heart comments!

When we move into a home that someone isn't going to mind that I've painted words on their walls, I plan to put these on a wall where all can see. I love the words, the meaning, and the thought behind this. Unfortunately, the site I got this from didn't claim credit. I found it on Google Images, but it was listed several times on different sites. If this is yours, let me know so I can give you credit where credit is due! For laughter, I just have to go into my favorite desktop pics and find this one. I laugh out loud each and every time. It's our daughter Jenny's home, the master bath, with her two sons. The oldest one discovered that shampoo makes "lots of bubbles, Momma!" After snapping a photo and gently reminding him that it's not a good thing, she laughed with him. I love that our daughters are such beautiful mothers and so in love with their babies. We should all laugh more.

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