Oh, My. I'm In Love.

Lynne Griffies! I thought of you when I found this cute idea at Anthropologie. Remember when Allen made those recipe holders from forks that Christmas?! Look what you can do now! Go to Hobby Lobby, purchase a piece of scrolled iron, insert some bling bling at the centers, Super Glue the eating utensils, spray paint with pewter {okay, so that's my choice of paint} and hang on the wall! Hey, I'll take one for Christmas {hint font}.Restoration Hardware.
And this bed.
Shut Up! I love the look. Love the details.
I want this bed.
I want this leather chest in my bedroom, too.
This would be a bit harder to duplicate.
So, Mr. H., would you purchase this for me?
Please? Pretty Please?! I would even share a drawer with you. Maybe two?
I do have maps. Thanks to a fantastic buy on eBay a few years back. They are old National Geographic maps. Countries, continents, cities. Beautiful. However, I want a big, huge, giant one like this one at Restoration Hardware. Maybe, just maybe, our local copier store could enlarge one for me and use a Sepia tone? Or maybe the original colors would look just as well.How neat is this look for a room?!?!?!?!
I am having such fun collecting ideas. For another home.
Dear me. Or rather, poor Mr. H.

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