Summer Memories ~

Some of my favorite snapshots from this summer ~
Our daughter's family traveled to the Gulf
and returned sun-kissed and with some good pics.
Miss Elle is growing too quickly.
She will celebrate her first birthday soon.
Ian will be seven this year,
and began 1st grade today! Sweet Noah begins K3 tomorrow!
He'll be four soon and continues
to bring laughter where ever he is!
I loved this photo of Brandon and Noah
having some quiet time together.
Miss Elle is doing a great job of keeping
up with her big brothers! Most of the time,
they are patient with her. Most of the time.
Our Mississippi babies, Alaina & Austin,
are no longer in the toddler stage.
Where does time go?
Alaina will be 5 this year!
Loves to dress up, loves her ballet,
loves her family, and loves laughter.
Gosh, Austin began 2nd grade today
and will be 7 this month! The older he gets,
the more like his daddy he looks.
These five babes bring such delight to our hearts,
our lives, our days ~
Now, if I could just freeze time or at least,
slow it down for a bit!

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The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Nancy!!! Your grandbabies are all growing like little weeds!!! And all so beautiful ~ I know what you mean, I can't even believe how big Clara is getting ~ I hope you are doing wonderful hon, hugs and love, Dawn

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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