A Fall, A Nap, A Hospital Visit ~

Monday afternoon, I managed to slip/trip/fall down the stairs in our home. I was on my way down to take some laundry and ended up with most of it underneath me. A good thing, as when I came to I was lying in front of the halltree in our foyer. Looking at the floral arrangement and thinking, "Cccrap".  Have a small goose egg, that's still tender, and a few more bruises than I did Monday morning. A phone call to John let him know what had happened just in case, which was a good thing as I began throwing up less than two hours later and he came home. PriMed sent us to the local ER for CT scans as they weren't equipped. Our ER here in town was super nice, but by then I was foggy headed, loss of memory {as in couldn't remember my name} and thinking I was still teaching {worried about lesson plans for a sub}, and my head was beginning to really, really hurt. After scans, blood drawn, and other tests, they felt I needed a bit more than they could give so around midnight I was in an ambulance on my way into Montgomery! And I truly think they hit every bump in the road, bless their hearts. (There were a few trigger moments as the last time I'd been in an ambulance, I was recovering from ARDS and horribly ill.)

Montgomery South was a very nice experience, with the staff smiling and happy. The food was so much better than I expected, which was good, because The Hood was a bit rattled by another hospital visit and worried over me :(  I gave him most of my meals in exchange for some hamburgers and a coke. We were both asleep in my bed when the day shift nurse came to tell us I could go home. It did NOT take us long to get the IV's out, heart monitor disconnected, and my clothes on! The gown was not something I wanted to bring home, know what I mean?

Final diagnosis is a Grade 5 Concussion with Retrograde Amnesia, meaning I don't remember falling or some events prior to the fall. My family is pretty used to that, however, and just gives me another reason to get perferential treatment at home {giggling font}

Hospitals. Man, I'm glad we have them. And very thankful we have people who want to work in them!


Lisa Ann said...

Oh my goodness. I'm glad your okay...or will be.

Kelly said...

So, so, so glad you are ok! Be careful!!!!! I want to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Please take care, this sounds scary, I am glad hospitals are there but do not like to be admitted either. So happy for this turn out, so, so happy.


Kristi said...

So glad you are OK! Take good care!

Heather said...

So glad you are doing okay now, Nan!

And as for the bumpy ambulance ride...Corey would tell you that most of the time they try very hard to give you a decent ride, but often the roads are terrible. AND he says that EVERY ambulance he has ever driven/rode in (which is alot) rides just awful and bounces you all over the road :( He complains about that alot. You would think they could come up with something a little smoother to transport a sick/injured patient, huh?

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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