Lindy @ Cottage Hill

Don't walk, but run your fingers to click here and go check out Lindy's site at Cottage Hill. I found her while 'blog hopping' one night and spent several hours reading all of her posts! She's on my list of favorites now! Just look at the above photo and then to the one below to see what love and hard work can do to a house!
She also had a smashing idea of using an old syrup holder to hold her dishwashing liquid! I intend to make a quick trip to our local Goodwill and flea markets to find me one. It's one of those things we've all had at one time or another, and some of us just didn't hold on to them. (chagrin font)
The way Lindy decorated this pillow looked complicated,
until I read her directions. I can do this! And will.
Go to Cottage Hill, it's a site you'll love ~

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