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Today has been, what we've come to call, a Sleeping Day. This week has had its moments of "hmmm, I don't remember that" which ranged all the way from laughing about it to being scared over it.  A dear friend reassures me that all will be well in its time and to know I am surrounded by people that love and pray for me. That alone makes me smile. The incident last week brought about blessings and inconveniences at the same time and I've found myself wondering this week about several things. When it becomes too much, I begin one of my favorite hobbies ~ blog hopping.  I'll share with you in a moment one of my favorites this week and I think you'll enjoy visiting there as much as I.

* * * * * * * *
Things I Want To Accomplish This Week~
*sewing up an outfit for Miss Elle that has remained on my sewing counter for a week now
*continuing the exercise regimen at the Fitness Center {I really need to tone up some muscles}
*catching up on my journal, which still has unanswered questions from entries prior to my fall
*savoring this change in weather by sitting on our veranda more
*get the veranda in shape! Bless its heart, I haven't touched it since we moved in
*see The American with George Clooney. For some reason, that's on my mind and I say 'maybe' as my sweet husband is not much of a moviegoer. But it's his long weekend and stranger things have happened.
* * * * * * * *
Things I Have Accomplished This Week~
*decorated with a few more fall items for the season
*cooked! If you know me, then you know this is something to celebrate. I'm a huge eatout or takeout fan.
*gotten on more of a schedule, although I still sleep so much better during the day than nights. arghhhh
*went to Publix twice this week. Already! {Why? See the reason just above}
* * * * * * * *
StoneGable. What a beautiful blog. A surefire way to bring that 'ah' to your heart and a smile to your face. I'm not sure how I found out, or rather, which blog had showcased it, but I'm here to tell you it's right up my alley of home decorating and loving where you lie your head. The photo above was taken last year but doesn't it make you want to go out right now and find gourds and berries?! Yvonne loves tableware as much as I. You'll also love looking down her sidebars and finding other neat posts and articles she's put together. One of my favorite features is that she will list each week what you can expect to find at StoneGable. Take a few moments to go there. Your spirit will thank you for time well spent. I plan to take some photos of how fall is looking here in our home and will be sharing those with you soon.
* * * * * * * *
Here in our household, I am finding it more comfortable staying in than going out. When I do, it's with people very close to me. I don't trust others as I once did and that saddens me. It comes from being hurt horribly by those I loved, and I thought loved me, so it's easier to be with those I know are honest, sincere, and loyal. Earlier this week, I heard from a high school friend and it brought to mind how much things have changed since that carefree time. Don't get me wrong, I do not want to go back to that time. No, I love where I am, where we are, now. It's a blessing to know our daughters are happy, solid in their walk with my Lord, and making beautiful dreams come true for themselves. It's nice knowing the uncertain days of raising children, battling finances, and juggling careers and home is in the past. As nice as it was, I love today.

Having a life so full brings comfort to my heart and I know I am blessed. At the same time, it seems to be but just a breath that I was a tenth grader and being a first year cheerleader for our varsity teams. Wondrous days. And but a whisper that I'm now 50+ and getting letters from AARP. The silliness of life. The delight and joy of it all. Even with the sad times, the bad moments, the tears and fears, I still raise my face to the sun and  know that eventually it will all be as it should. As it will. And that for the rest of my days here, I will be loved as I love.

I'll end with a wish and a prayer that your days become easier, that you continue to have hope for the future, peace for today, and sweet memories of a past ~

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