An Organized Pantry!

Don't you  love this!
I do, but then I have a few OCD's.
This weekend I'm going to work on mine.
I can't decide if I want to put up some pretty paper
or paint a color that will make me feel happy.
then come back here and let me know if you
are going to do something about your pantry!


charm home said...

I would think I had died and gone to heaven if I walked into my house and my pantry looked like that. So pretty.

Thanks for the info on the button. I'm working on it but probably won't get to finish it until the weekend. That's a great idea! What would I do without my sweet Ms. Nancy. Have a great weekend! -c

Amanda Mae said...

Oh my pantry totally looks like this! ha! I only wish :)

Val said...

I love this pantry so much!!! Good luck with your pantry. I just redid my closet and it was a journey!! Your blog is wonderful.

Jenny said...

I would love a pantry like this!!! You do yours, then come do mine as my Christmas present :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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