Tablescape For Halloween

Head over to HWTMostess for this adorable idea for a Halloween tablescape! I hope to get with our daughter and do this at her house as our table isn't large enough. Won't the boys love it?!
I've seen paper items at Target that I like better than these, but this gives me a good idea of sizes and patterns. The colors that paper and plastic come in today blows me away! Loving the spiders!
Stickers! How easy and simple for a Solo cup!
And if you go to HWTMostess, you can find links to all you see here. EXCEPT, for these white chocolate skeletons {frowny font} they no longer are available from Red Envelope BUT you can go here and purchase candy interlocking skeletons that will being a smile to a young ones face. And isn't that what it's all about anyway? I'd love chocolate but haven't found any I liked as well as what's pictured above.
I can go to Bakerella, love her site!, and make these
turn them upside down and make these. Decisions!
I'll be posting photos of our tablescapes this fall,
what are YOU planning to do?!

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