Help? Anyone?

You may have noted that this site now has a Menu Bar under the Header! I have been wanting to clean out my sidebars and make it easier to navigate. So I spent pretty much all my free time at home today working on it. However, even though I've inserted {center}at the beginning and {/center} at the end of the code, it is still NOT CENTERED! (I used the proper mark but cannot here and have Blogger center the sentence for me. Duh. I wish it would work on what I WANT to be centered. And it's driving me crazy. Is there anyone out there with a suggestion? I have all intentions of having our sweet Brandon look at it for me and see what he suggests. Hope all of you have had a great day! The Tide rolled over the Florida Gators tonight and did a great job doing so. There was alot of clapping, high fivin', and laughing tonight!

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