I've talked of the Brown Eyed Baker before but she's really caught my eye with this post! How about "50 Fall Recipes" ?!  One of my bestest girlfriends, Deborah, loves to cook and I can see her taking this as a challenge and cooking up all 50 recipes. Not at one time, silly. Maybe one or two a day until she's tried them all. We are the lucky ones that get invited to try out what she's put together. Here's hoping she reads this post while she's traveling in Virginia this month and calls me up for dinner a time or two. Or five, maybe ten. The recipes are broken up into groups, such as 'Tailgating' and 'Wakey Wakey'. Ever heard of Monkey Bread? I used to make it when our daughters were home and they loved it. Now though, if I make it, I tend to sit down with it and a huge glass of tea and eat until it's gone. And that's not a good thing. So go check out the recipes, click on her Home page to see what's new, and next time you're here, leave me a comment and let me know which one you tried!  Have an awesome week filled with giggles! 


Melissa Miller said...

I'll check it out Nancy. Thank you for telling us.

Happy October! ~Melissa :)

Michelle @ Brown Eyed Baker said...

I'm glad you liked this list! Have fun baking from it! :)

Dana said...

I need to find a friend here that cooks like your friend do. If it results in kitchen clean up, I'm not a fan!

I do know monkey bread.. And speaking of sitting down and eating the whole thing... I haven't had it in about ten years because of that very reason.. I ended up eating too much! But, maybe I'm ready again :)..

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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