UPDATE: A doctor visit. Several tests. Lots of time spent napping on their examing room table. Three 'scripts and a warning that something was trying to work its way into my bloodstream and this could be 'not so good'. Ugh. And all this time I thought I was dying and noone knew it yet. Simple enough, but has to be gotten rid of quickly, sooooo some awesome pain meds, great nausea med, and a XXX strength antibiotic. Whether or not I get well at this point really doesn't matter {loopy font} as the other prescriptions have put me on a floating carpet and my head feels so good it's forgotten anything else didn't! 10.07.10

Just before worship ended Sunday, I became faint. Which was odd, as I got up feeling good. By the time I got home, it was all I could do to strip the clothing on the way to the bed. Called my sweet man to warn him, and did not wake up until he came in around 7 pm.  For the last two and a half days I've literally lived in the bed, getting out only to take Dramamine, refill the water glass, and take meds for a horrendous headache. Earlier this morning I was literally sore from being in the bed so much! But Hallelujah, today appears to be a much better day. Taking it slow, the appetite is still gone, but I am not in bed zonked out!

posted on 6 October 2010


Kristy said...

So glad you are doing better! I love you!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Nancy, I'm so sorry you've been sick!!! But I'm very glad you are on the mend sweet friend ~ please keep resting and taking good care of yourself, hugs and love, Dawn

Lindy said...

Hi Nancy, I'm sorry you've been sick. I've got a feeling (referring to your last posting) you might not remember a thing!!!

But seriously, I hope and pray you're feeling better soon ~ Lindy

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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