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I am working on the few photos that we took in Gatlinburg ~ yes, I know. Can you BELIEVE no one thought to bring a camera?! And The Hood wouldn't say yes to buying a $79 camera at WalMart, (but he bought me a gorgeous silver ring so this gal ain't complaining! Aannyyway ~

There are quite a few bloggers that I either taught when they passed through our elementary halls or I learned to love them in one of the classrooms of a best friend.  I wanted to share them with you, and if you are a reader of my blog and you attended HES, HMS, or HHS and I don't have you listed, then let me know and I'll add it in an update.  Here we go ~

{I am not going to go into descriptions of them, and you'll find that some haven't been kept up to date but hey, it's hectic being a young mother with children, a career, and a home to care for. Most of us have all either been there or are still there. So without further ado, here's the list that I have!!}

Hatfield, Shawna Elliott at The Hatfield Family Blog
Headley, Nicole Evans at Rocky Pastures
Houston, Heather Thomas at Heather's Happiness
Irvin, Catherine Brown at The Irvin Family
Jordon, Lindsay Browder at Casa de Jordon
Lunsford, Kristen at My Thoughts
Maddox, Jenny Hood at The Maddox Family
Maggard, Meredith Vick at Our Life and Keeping You Up to Date
Marks, Jennifer McAfferety at Marks Madness
Price, Emily Parker at Random Ramblings of a Blessed Wife & Mommy
Sartain, Kasey Thomas at Brian, Kasey, & Thomas
Williams, Keith (his wife maintains it!) at The Williams Family

I pray I have linked the correct blogs with the names as I am currently watching Iron Man 2 with The Hood - and it's such a good movie!  I do hope you will visit these blogs and catch up with your classmates!  AND if you have a blog that I haven't listed, please let me know!  I hope to have an updated listing. Now, let me get back to editing these vacation pictures. There are so few, but I was having to use my iPhone and that right there is a drawback. And Hood?! I love love love my ring!

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