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 Rather than try and put these in order and have to battle with the new way Blogger has of moving photos around, you're just going to have to view them the way they loaded.  I'm tired and I want an apple with peanut butter. Right now. So, without much further ado and description, here are the pics from our recent trip to Gatlinburg and yes, there was snow in the mountains!!! Not in town, not yet {grin font}.
We traveled with my brother and his wife.  Nelson and his wife, and John rode motorcycles each day we were there and loved it. {I do NOT ride motorcycles. I do NOT have any inclination to do so. And NO I will not entertain the idea, so save it.} This is a shot of Nelson after one of their rides when he was still in his leather. I think he could have stayed by that creek, a creek, any creek all day long and just watched it.
We drove through an area that we've not seen before (and we've been going to G'burg for over 27 years!) but there was a misting of snow and this solitary cabin. No name, no landmark sign, just this old cabin. John slowed down so I could stare at it, get a picture of it, and realize that I am very, very thankful that we don't have to live that way. I just don't think those were ever "the good old days".
Guess what? We stopped at the creeks. Alot!
But I love them, too, and would love living near one.
Just to hear the water.
Then we hit snow! And if we look goofy in these, it's because as we went into the snow for us to get our photos taken first, John slipped and fell down. Face forward. I almost wet my pants. C'mon, women, you know what I'm talking about, especially if you're 55 and have had several Diet Dr. Peppers! Nelson took a couple of pics of us (that were too goofy and deleted quickly), and then we switched places. That's when Nelson slipped! And he fell hard. It was funnier than when John slipped. Lots funnier. Ladies, you have no idea how hard I was holding those thighs together. I can't remember laughing so hard. Cars were driving by, slowing down, honking, waving, shouting out their windows.
And no bathroom in sight.
 The pictures I call 'the golden ones' were taken not far from town.
Hence, no snow. The weather was so crisp. So beautiful.
It was one of the best vacations I think we've ever had.
So ultra relaxing. So much laughing. Such natural beauty.
BEFORE he slipped and fell {laughing out loud font!}
Yes, that's the one I will not ride.
But he's okay with that, so we're both happy.
 Nelson's bike ~ did you know you have to wear lots and lots of leather when you ride a motorcycle? And I've been seeing bikers on TV and they wear jeans and wife-beater shirts. Sheez. Not my men. They are dressed to the eye teeth in leather. All in the name of safety. I believe it and endorse it {wink font}.
 Have I mentioned that I love this man?
Probably, but just in case, let me tell you
I am so in love with this man.
And no my hands are not fisted. I'm holding his belt loops.
 Look!!!! and it only got deeper the higher we went!
 Now they are getting silly.
 and sillier. But I adore them both.
And love that they are best friends.
 The ones with this background were taken at the cabin.
Oh, the cabin! I have got to write a post on the cabin.
I'll do that tomorrow.
Still haven't had my apple and peanut butter 
 I always think of the Neil Diamond song 'Solitary Man' when I see this photo. I'm telling you, we could have
driven off and yelled out the windows "goodbye" at the top of our voices, and he would have waved back toward at us absentmindedly. He loves the creeks. John loves the mountains. They compliment each other rather well. That and the fact that one is a rabid Auburn fan, and the other is just as rabid for the Tide.
 If I weren't 1) in such a hurry to get that apple, and 2) hated fooling with Blogger since they changed the way they allow you to add photos and move them around, I'd have put the ones together with the way we'd dressed for the day. Forget it, though, it's just not worth it. {smiling!}
 I don't like helmet hair. She solved it with wearing a baseball cap. I don't like those either. To each his own. While they rode the miles, I went shopping and/or camped out on the back deck that had a large swing that I loaded up with blankets and pillows AND a gas log fireplace. YES, on the deck. It was heavenly.
I can't wait to go back. John, if you read this, you know you have some extra time around Christmas this year. And I promise not to pack so much. Or drink so many cokes when there are no bathrooms around. I'll even drive. As long as it's interstate. And you know Aunt Mahalia's Candy Store said they needed business. Truly, y'all, tourism is DOWN in Gatlinburg. The economy is hitting everywhere. I say we help them out!


Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

Ya don't have to be over 55 to wet your pants. Not that I'd know anything about that though!

Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

Forgot to mention I love the pix. :o)

Nancy said...

Girl, you know what I'm talking about haha and you know I love you, too!

Anonymous said...

LOL. This looks heavenly. We love to go to the mountains. I can't wait until I graduate school so we can do more of that. I love the pics, and just be thankful you didn't have to sneeze ;)
love you.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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