Fun Times of the Weekend!

I forgot to post this! Here are a few photos
from Noah's 4th birthday party. He chose to have
the guests bring canned goods for the needy
and you'll see his cute happy face at the end.
His sister, Elle, is such a doll and had such fun
with the attention from everyone!
It was cold and WiNDy but Poppa had the train going and I
am pretty sure he made half a dozen runs with it. The kids
love it, and there were other 'carnival' games to play as well.
The theme was carnival and Jenny pulled it off beautifully.
Miss Elle tries so hard to be a big girl and here's Pa
trying to help her ride that bike, that's not meant for her.
How cute is this?! The Photo Booth!
There was also a Ring Toss, BeanBag Throw,
and lots of refreshments carnival style!
And here's the birthday boy, Noah, happy with his day,
happy with the items brought, and loved mightly by all of us.
We had a grand time, Noah, happy birthday! Again!


Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

Looks like a great time indeed- fun party theme!

Kasey said...

FUN PARTY!!! That Elle is beautiful! She looks JUST like her momma!!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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